The “No-poo” movement


I’m sure you’ve heard about the “no-poo” movement that is all the rage right now within the circles of essential oil using, healthy food eating, yoga doing type of people. If you haven’t yet heard of this, allow me to explain. “No -poo” refers to no shampooing. It  is a practice that looks at what most shampoos are really doing to your hair and chooses a different path. This has been an interesting thing for me to look into, honestly. My hair is very long and fine– it gets greasy very quickly. Since I was about 10 years old I have been shampooing and conditioning my hair each and every day. If I go more than 1 day without shampoo, my hair looks gross. really gross. A friend of mine, whose research I really respect and put a lot of faith in, brought my attention to this “no-poo”  business.

In case you did not know, hair produces its own oil, called sebum. This oil is actually quite good for your hair–in the amount that the good Lord intended. When you wake up in the morning and shampoo your hair you are stripping the oil away from your it. This causes your scalp to panic and overproduce the oil. When hair is washed so frequently the oil builds up so quickly on top in an effort to cover ALL of your hair (even the ends). The oil probably won’t have a chance to get to the ends if you wash it every day or even every week. That is why the ends get so much drier and often need conditioner.

In an effort to maintain healthy hair, I have decided to jump on this train of no shampoo. Some people cut the shampoo out completely right away. My attempt is a little bit different, but my goal is this–to never have to use shampoo or conditioner on my hair–and by never, I mean never ever. 

I decided that washing my hair once a week is acceptable in an effort to wean my hair off of shampoo. It was off to a rough and embarrassing start with how greasy my hair looked, but it has been working quite well now and I am already noticing a difference. Next month I will be using only baking soda and vinegar in my hair in place of my normal shampoo and conditioner routine. Rumor has it that the combination does wonders. This link will give you further instructions on the ratios if you scroll down.

If you are scared out of your mind (which would not surprise me one bit if you are as vain about your hair as I am) then I will offer a list of things that may help convince you about how much better it is for you to jump on this no-poo train.

  1. Unnecessary chemicals- Have you ever taken the time to read the label on your shampoo bottles? Interesting fact: Switching to all natural shampoo a while back helped decrease the amount of migraines I was getting. I do feel strongly about ditching shampoo all together so that all of those things are not going into my scalp, but seeing the chemicals in most shampoos should be a red flag to you.
  2. Sebum helps your hair fight infectious agents- By stripping your hair of that sebum, you are taking away a method of defense that your scalp has.
  3. Unnecessary cost- How much money do you spend on hair product? If it is more than $0.00 this will save you money.
  4.  Less maintenance- I’m the type of person that takes about 5-10 minutes to get ready in the morning–unless I have to wash and blow dry my hair. The no-poo method saves me a lot of time and who couldn’t use a few extra minutes of sleep in the morning?

Please note: I would like to clarify that the information in this post (as well as most of my posts) contain information that I have received from my own personal experience, or research. I am not claiming to give medical advice that is approved by every doctor. The reason that these posts do not come with a citation page is because I do not have many outside sources that I could cite. I do encourage you to do your own research and recognize that every one is different. If you have a negative comment or are looking to argue please keep it to yourself. My intention is never to offend anybody, only to share the things that have completely turned my health around.  Thank you 🙂

One thought on “The “No-poo” movement

  1. Funny you should mention this… In an effort to save my processed hair, I only wash twice a week now. Some people think that’s crazy, but we’ll see I guess! Pure Argan oil is great for dry hair too until your own oils start kicking in 🙂


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